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Winchester 1200/1300 Stocks and Forends

Winchester Factory Stocks and Forends. These are NOT aftermarket replacements.  Will fit Winchester 1200/1300 models, 12ga and 20ga, made of Synthetic, as well as, Beech, Walnut and Laminate wood. 

Please note that color and wood grains may vary from those pictured.  We do our best to match when ordered as a set.  Stock bolt/washer sold separately.

Winchester NWTF Synthetic Black Stock
Winchester 1200/1300 NWTF Synthetic Stock
Sale $19.95 $40.00
Sold OutWinchester Beech Checkered
Blowout!Winchester 1200 1300 Beech Stock Regular Finish
Winchester 1200/1300 Beech Forend - 1415
Sale $15.95 $28.95
Winchester 1200 1300 Walnut Forend Checkered
Winchester 1200/1300 Walnut Forend - 1625
Sale $26.95 $40.00
Winchester 1300 Walnut Checkered Forend
Winchester 1200/1300 Walnut Forend - 1627
Sale $26.95 $40.00