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AR7 Pistol Grip Screw Pack - 134sp

AR7 Pistol Grip Screw Pack - 134sp

This AR-7 Pistol Grip Screw Pack consists of the screws for installation of the AR-7 Adjustable Stock (item 134, 134cc) and AR-7 Straight aluminum stock (items 130, 130cc).  Included:

  • AR-7 Pistol Grip Lock Washer - 133
  • AR-7 Pistol Grip Long Grip Screw - 135
  • AR-7 Pistol Grip Sporter Stock Rear Screw - 136
  • AR-7 Grip Screw - 132
  • AR-7 Grip Screw - 132H (longer - for the Henry)
SKU 134sp

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